A Path towards Improvement of Public Procurement


A Path towards Improvement of Public Procurement

> Recognition and implementation of the principles of good governance and accountability as they apply to procurement activities within the public sector.

> An overall organisational structure in which the procurement function is recognised as a high priority operation.

> An adequately-staffed procurement organisation in terms of resources and skills and where enhancement of those resources and skills is perceived as an investment providing a financial return.

> The operation of sound practices and business processes that fully address the complexity and criticality of procurement activities and transactions, including the wider responsibilities of the public sector.

> The existence of effective information systems supporting the procurement operation and assisting its performance including the ability of internal users to access an information system at their work place and request goods and services independent of the organisation (local or remote) which has established the original contract.

> Leadership of, and within, the procurement function which ensures not only the deployment of policy, accountability and best practice but also the appropriateness of staff development, training, career paths and other ongoing skills and people-related support.

> All of the above contributing to highly-advanced and effective capabilities including collaborative procurement which consistently deliver Best Value performance and support a competitive but transparent and equitable environment for suppliers.

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